Powered by a newly developed Hinomoto water-cooled engine with a displacement of 25HP (SAE) at 2500 r.p.m , ths tractor now leads the Hinomoto line. Twelve-speed gearing with an ultra-low rang of four speeds below 1 km/hr that make the E-23 ideal for trenching and eight speeds above results in a wide range of versatility , from harrowing vegetable fields to any job that demands peak performance. In addition to three-point hitching of attachments , for PTO-powered units such as rotary tillers , a simple coupling saves time an trouble-no pins or bolts

Body Speed Change
Overall length: 2555mm Travelling Speed  
Overall width: 1230mm Forward: 0.22,0.5,0.7,0.8,1.4,0.2
Overall height: 1325mm Reverse: 0.7,2.7,11.4(km/h)
Wheel Base:  1430mm Min.turning radius 1700mm
Tread Travelling Mechanism
Front: 910mm Wheel  
Front: 4.900-12 4PR
Engine  Rear: 9-5/9-24 4PR
Model: HINOMOTO P-126 Brake: Foot Brake
Total displacement: 1262cc Lifting mechanism
Rated number of revolution: 2500rpm Max.lifting capacity 1500kg (at lifting rod end)
Max.PTO Output: 25HP (SAE) Body weight: 830kg
Starting method: Eectric start    
Power Transmission    
Main clutch: Dry ,single-plate friction type    
Differential system: Different Lock